American Blonde Ale

Today’s beer is Chelsea Checker Cab Blonde Ale!

Image captured via blogspot

Bottle Size: N/A Got it as a draft (House of Brews)

Cost: $7

ABV: 4.5%

Background Information (via Chelsea Brewing Company): “The Crisp, Pale Golden Ale is made in the style of northern GermanyKolsch beer. The finest imported Noble Hops varieties & 10% Wheat malt gives this brew a dry finish with a complex and yet delicate hop flavor and aroma. A Totally Bodacious Blond Ale.”

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: American Blonde Ale

Appearance: Pale, clear gold with a frothy  white head which dissipates quickly .

Scent/Smell: A buttery aroma, with a faint hop and malt smell.

Taste:  A malty taste with a light, crisp honey aftertaste. Very light.

Mouthfeel: Very easy going down. I call this a college style beer, meaning you can chug it. Although the beer isn’t too popular so the carbonation could be off.

Drink with (food): Italian food, salads, and fish.

Grade: B

Depending on who you ask, you view of this beer varies greatly. This is likely due to it often being served on tap and not a popular beer at that which means that it can get flat which obviously changes the overall taste and quality of the beer.

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