American Adjunct Lager

Today’s beer is Presidente.

Hillary Clinton holding a Presidente bottle. Courtesy of WordPress.

Bottle Size: 12 fl ounces/ 355 mL

Cost: $1.25 (Single bottle at grocery story)

Alcohol (ABV): 6.0%

Brief History (via Among the most distinctive cultural symbols in the Dominican Republic, Presidente Beer has become an iconic brand that represents Dominicans both in the country and abroad. The Presidente brand of beer has become a symbol of national pride, and in its 71-year history has become the beer of choice for Dominicans.

‘Una fria,” or a cold one, has become a patriotic symbol, something intrinsically Dominican.

Like the Brugal rum company, the largest rum producer in the DR, Presidente beer has transcended from a simple alcoholic beverage to a way that Dominicans identify themselves. Especially outside the United States, Presidente beer has become one of those icons that manages to keep Dominicans living abroad feeling like they are still connected to their roots.

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: Yellowish color comes to a 3 on the SRM measurement scale. Fluffy head which is retained quite well.

Scent/Smell: Faint smell consisting of  light hops, malt, and some grains. Nothing special in this department.

Taste: Not much of a taste. Very light body, this is quite similar to the popular Budweiser and Miller brands in the United States.

Mouthfeel: Very carbonated similar to that of a soda. Very light body. So quite easy to drink if you’re comfortable drinking a soda.

Drink with (food): Barbecue and Latin American

Grade: D+

Reminds me of a Bud Light. Not exactly what you’d call high quality beer. However, it’s cheap and if you want to throw something back with alcohol in it and not appreciate a beer like taste, here you go.

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Today’s beer is Foster’s Lager.

Sample Bottle Size: 12 fl ounces/ 355 mL

Alcohol: 5.0%

Cap Type: Twist-off

Cost: $1.50 (Bought at grocery store)

Name: Foster’s is named after Ralph and William Foster who found the brewery.

Brief History: Foster’s was founded in 1887 by a couple of brothers who came to Australia from the United States with the goal of creating a successful brewery. However, it took until 1977 for Foster’s lager to become Australia’s highest selling beer. Currently, Foster’s is brewed in eight countries (Australia, Canada, China, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain and Sweden– it is sold in more than 135 nations. Interestingly, Foster’s isn’t a successful in Australia as it is in the other nations which brew the beer.

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: A transparent gold color. The head was about an inch in height.

Scent/Smell: Slight grass and very light hop, with a slight malt. The end smells somewhat skunky.

Taste: Watered down malt taste, somewhat sweet. Not a strong taste overall.

Mouthfeel: Decent carbonation. Quite smooth going down despite lack of taste.

Drink with (food): White fish, lobster, shrimp, pork, light cheese, lightly spiced food.

Grade: D+

Doesn’t look very appealing, doesn’t taste good. There are cheaper beer if your goal is to get drunk. Pick something else to drink.

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