My Move

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale

Waiting forever to move was torture – I couldn’t wait to get in the new house because there was just so much more room and as a stay at home mom I was getting really stir crazy without much room in the house. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but there were four of us total and only a package to distract them during the days when I needed to get work done and really get a lot of stuff set up. I love my boys but sometimes they’re definitely more of a handful than I bargained for and this move proved to me that I am not ready for a third kid, I can tell you that with absolute certainty now. Anyway, we got moved and settled without incident but it wasn’t for lack or trying. We ended up baby gating the boys in the foyer for a small time – they loved it and said they were in “jail” and I sort of thought they were right!


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