Harp Lager

Today’s beer is Harp Lager!

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Bottle Size: 12 fl ounces/355 mL

Cost: $1.75 (At grocery store)

Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%

Background Information (via wikipedia): Harp Lager was first produced in 1960 as a bottled beer by the Guinness company (now Diageo), in response to the trend among drinkers in Britain and Ireland towards continental lager. Guinness converted their Dundalk brewery into a modern lager production plant with the guidance of Dr. Herman Muender, a distinguished German brewer. Various names were considered for the brand, including AtlasCresta and Dolphin, before Harp was chosen. The brand was marketed with the Brian Boru harp as its emblem.

Today, Harp is brewed in the Dundalk brewery for Ireland, and under licence by the Labatt’s brewery for Canada and the Hydes brewery for Great Britain. In Australia, distribution is handled by Carlton & United Breweries.

As of the Autumn of 2010, Harp continues to be brewed in Dundalk but tankers are sent to Dublin to be kegged for the on trade market. Cans and bottles are packaged by IBC in Belfast. On 9 May 2008, Diageo Ireland announced that they would close the Dundalk Brewery along with the Kilkenny Brewery over a five year period.

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: Euro Pale Lager

Appearance: Pale straw in color with a white head with a short retention time. Slight lacing on the side of the glass.

Scent/Smell:  Very much the typical euro pale lager type. Grassy and a bit skunky smelling. Not very much from the hop department.

Taste:  Similar to the smell. Somewhat bready, some limited hops here. It’s difficult to get much taste here though because of the skunk like smell and the high carbonation.

Mouthfeel: Carbonation similar to that of a soda which isn’t what I want from a beer, although the low ABV makes it somewhat easy going down.

Drink with (food): Meats (Fish, shellfish, poultry)

Grade: C+

There are better euro pale lagers around. However, it’s not the worst beer by any means. It’s a pretty common beer, so I am sure that I’ll have it again at some bar or restaurant.

A popular ad from 20 years back.


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