Sierra Nevada TORPEDO!

Today’s beer is Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra.

Bottle Size: 12fl ounces/ 355mL

Cost: $1.75 (At grocery store)

Alcohol (ABV): 7.2%

Brief History (via Sierra Nevada): In 1979, Ken Grossman began building a small brewery in the town of Chico, California. His goal: to brew exceptional ales and lagers. Today, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is considered the premier craft brewery in the United States. And the beer? Critics proclaim it “Among the best brewed anywhere in the world.”

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: American IPA

Appearance: Copper color with a creamy head that fades to lacing pretty quickly.

Scent/Smell: Pine, citrus, wheat and bread infusion.

Taste: Much like it smells, lots of Hops and some malts, well-balanced. Had to sip a few times to figure out all the flavors I tasted.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and fresh, medium body. Well carbonated.

Drink with (food): Fish, chicken and various cheeses.

Grade: B+

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. It’s quite a bargain for the price. Great summer beer, especially if you’re a fan of IPAs

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