Heineken Dark Lager

Today’s beer is Heineken Dark Lager.


Sample Bottle Size: 12 fl oz/355mL

Alcohol (ABV):5.0%

Cap Type: Non-twist

Cost: $1.75 (Purchased at grocery store)

Name: Heineken is named after the founder, Gerard Adriaan Heineken.

Brief History (via http://www.destinationbeer.com): The history of Heineken starts on December 16, 1863 when Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the De Hooiberg Brewery in Amsterdam. The purchase of De Hooiberg was the birth of the firm of Heineken & Co. Within a few years Gerard Adriaan increased sales so much that construction of a new brewery was necessary. On the outskirts of Amsterdam, a new brewery was built. It remained in operation until 1988 when it was eventually closed because of logistics obstacles. A large part of the brewery made way for houses. But the brewhouse and part of the storage cellars were converted into the Heineken Reception Center where more than a hundred thousand visitors a year from all parts of the world are given a guided tour.

Now let’s get to the beer!

Style: Euro Dark Lager

Appearance: Reddish brown beer. Quite clear for a dark-colored beer. I heard that it has a glow when held up to the sun, but didn’t try that myself. Not much head initially after the pour and didn’t keep the head well.

Scent/Smell: Scent of spices as well as a grassy scent.

Taste: Full body with a spicy taste also got a taste of fruits when going down.

Mouthfeel: Quite smooth which is always a plus. A big peeve of many beer drinkers is that Heinekens are often skunked, but it wasn’t in this case.

Drink with (food): Latin/German foods. Beef, smoked meat, grilled meat)

Grade: B-

Very solid Euro-Style Lager. Something that I would suggest for people who like beer to try at least once.

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